In the beginning of the 80’s ALMA. was to see the light of the day. Born and raised in a family of artists she discovered early her touch for creativity and
the diversity of sound.

Infected by her own creative urge it was not to be the last journey to musical fields. Influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince & Co, ALMA. discovered the
electro dance music in the middle of the 90’s. Fascinated by this new world she went to an innumerable number of events and gigs and was soon to rock
the best raves as bartender, with more to come. Besides her greatest love, the music, also fashion plays an elementary role in Alma’s life. As graduated
fashion journalist she has sublimated yet several shootings and music videos with her style.

After some trendy journeys and style councils ALMA. was attracted back to the dance floor. Clubs like the legendary „Kraftwerk“ or the green room of the
cosy „Flokati“ shaped the thrilled Miss Dynamic from a musical perspective. The desire to make her own music was started through her friends that were
part of the DJ scene. The enthusiasm grew and so she decided to turn her fascination for music into reality. With discipline and persistence she soon
knew how to play the decks. Every Euro was invested in the black gold (vinyl). Meanwhile she owns a good sized and well assorted collection of records
and digital music. Encouraged by her technical skills and creative being ALMA. soon was to ascend the dj pulpit.
With her own best harmonic style ALMA. fascinated both the organiser and the audience at her first gig at The Garden Club Munich. There she was
Resident-DJ until closing 2010. After that intensive time, she was Resident-DJ at Munich’s fast rising Club “Chaca Chaca” (closed since May 2012) and there
she had her own monthly night called “GOLDREGEN” with national and international underground bookings. Gigs around Germany, Austria and Swiss
are now her weekend-business. Rave on Snow, Thaibreak and other festivals welcome her year by year…

Between those years she opend three restaurants called „Effe & Gold“, where they serverd fantastic homemade Burgers, Salats and high-quality Cocktails.
In 2015 she started her Residency at Munich’s well known club HARRY KLEIN. Meanwhile, between 2015 and 2016, she hosted a two month regular party
called: “ain’t no romance like goldance” at Munich’s very famous Club “Die Registratur” In 2016 she changed her so far known DJ-name Alma Gold in ALMA.

Her first release “Fuzzy Dream” has been signed on Lany Records (digital) in Spring 2011. The second “Diving Bell” has been published on Beatwax (vinyl
and digital) October 2011.

Since 2016 she was back in the studio! October 2017 the EP „Important Thing“, she produced together with Oana Leca, had it’s release on Enough Music! It
includes a dubby RMX from Guido Schneider.


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