Joshua Jesse

Joshua Jesse

Joshua Jesse – Katermukke/Stil Vor Talent/Dantze/Time Has Changed – Berlin

Joshua Jesse Mettbach did not have a normal childhood, because he did not have every-day parents. His father Alexander Hacke is guitarist/bass player and founding member of the legendary band Einstürzende Neubauten, who have been role models for groups such as Depeche Mode or Rammstein with their raw Industrial-Sound since 1980. Angela Mettbach, Joshua Jesse mother, is an iconic figure of the Berlin techno scene. She has been bouncer in legendary Berlin clubs such as Planet, Tresor, E-WERK, Bar25, and Katerholzig since the 80ies and these are only a few on her list. Angela Mettbach has been a key component of the Berlin scene, depicted on Magazin cover and books, producing music and organizing parties.

The History: hip-hop, techno & Berlin Club life

The artistic path of Joshua Jesse was predetermined: When he was three years old, he played hide and seek between the Monitor stacks at E-werk, – one of the first techno exhibitions ever. At home in Kreuzberg DJs and musicians such as Westbam, Woody, DJ T, Chrislo Hass or Inga Humpe played with Joshua when they came to visit. His first encounter with Technics and vinyl happened when he was 6 years old when Mike Mono showed him how to do a backspin. Music accompanied Joshua’s life constantly. At 15 he started creating his own songs: hip-hop with German lyrics! He produced tracks with friends, free styled in contests and forged his way through the Berlin urban lifestyle. With 18 he became more interested in club culture and Techno. He went to clubs such as Watergate, Bar 25, Berghain and Arena – venues he would Deejaying later on.

The mission: Move the crowd

At 19 Joshua Jesse was riveted by an amazing set of Marco Carola in the Berlin Club Watergate and caught the Techno virus. He started following different DJs sets and music until then. In February 2011 he had his first gig – not just anywhere, but in the legendary After-Hour Club “Delicious Donuts”, where he then started DJing regularly. His sets were so energetic, that other club owners became interested and started booking him. Since 2011 Joshua Jesse has been presenting a Tech-House mix of driving beats and groovy deep house tracks with a touch of hip-hop at Arena, Tresor,, Wilde Renate , Suicide Circus and other Berlin clubs. In April 2012 he celebrated his debut at Watergate, one of the most important clubs in Berlin and then two months later also at the legendary “Katerholzig“ (since 2014 Katerblau). Since then he is resident DJ in both clubs.

The Development: Lets do it!

In 2013 Joshua Jesse started his own party series „Worst Case Scenario“, which has been taking place at the Watergate ever since. He started performing in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna , Mykonos and since 2014 Joshua Jesse is being booked all over Europe. Besides this he has also producing his own tracks: after two successful releases on Katermukke (“Don’t worry”) and Dantze (“Changes”, EP) both with Buddy Midas 104 he released 2 EPS of his own, on the emerging new label Metanoia and another one again on Katermukke. Joshua is currently working on various remixes for Einstürzende Neubauten and an album is also planned 2017.If you want to know where the global electronic dance scene is headed next, keep your eyes and ears on Joshua Jesse


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