Tonio Barrientos

Sujet Musique/Platform B – München

A man, his sound and what for parties!

As an extraordinary gentleman with a license to party, enraptured the son of a Hondurianers since 2002, the Munich nightlife with its events. In cooperation with Domenic D`Agnelli he dedicated the Bussi Bussi company three brilliant events. Record Club, Turntable grooves and Friendly Feier were the most visited events in the party town.

His ideas for events collected Tonio Barrientos as he spent a year living on the party island of Ibiza in 2001, was inspired even more to electronic music by Dj Cirillo. Clubs like Pacha and DC 10 were then his second living room.

Tirelessly he designed new projects and still stands for the latter ceremony with friendly acts like Märtini Brös or Guido Schneider. His latest project – „Slinky Pink“ – brings since 2007, the Munich-based party crowd to dance, and to this day continues growing following figures.

„Top“ as a restaurateur – „Tip“ as a DJ & Producer. Besides his work as an organizer of the passionate record collector impresses with his other great passion – music. Known for his hour-long sets heard Mr. Barrientos on since the beginning of 2000, the performer off guild. Its noticeable instinct for the art of music brought the Germans already over the border.

Clubs like „The Egg“ in London or the „Hive“ in Zurich book the Münchner Kindl again and again. „Der Club der Visionäre „, the „Bar 25“ or the „Arena“ in Berlin can come back at any time. Festivals like the Rave On Snow or Thaibreak benefit from its multi-faceted game and make him a welcome guest.

Not less characteristic and varied therefore goes to in the studio. With his colleague Emin Corrado, who in 2001 with „The Addiction“ made a name for himself, created productions such as „No.PC“, or „Corrientos“.

The next big tune from the pen of Mr. Barrientos appeared at the end of June. Of course, this time at Lützen Kirchen’s success Label Platform B. In 2008 he booked his first Open Air Summer Daze, Paul Kalkbrenner.

In 2009, he opened with his partner Domenic D’Agnelli Club Chaca Chaca in Munich, bringing in the likes of Oliver Koletzki, Solomun, Magda and André Galluzzi people dance. The name means joy of life and reflects the character of Mr. Barrientos perfect again. In Kater Holzig and Watergate in Berlin he puts just as regularly as in World League Open Air by Rene Vaitl, which has become an important person for him.

Be early 2011 he held with his partner Domenic D`Agnelli a new Open Air series, can dance the plates at the Matthias Tanzmann, Britta Arnold, Luna City Express, Dirty Doering, Philip Bader Kenny Lakin and Richie Hawtin.

With Renato Ratier the owner of the legendary D-Edge in Sao Paulo connects him a good friendship. Through him he hung up not only in the D-Edge but is also frowned at Warung Beach Club, where he was New Year’s Eve 2011, the Brazilian dance party people with his music into the new year. The end of 2013 came out his new record Giulia he produced with Frank Leicher where he`s even singing on it. After a short creative break up Tonio Barrientos announces the beginning of April this year back with a new EP coming out on the Sujet Label Music.


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